Early Intervention Resource Agency provided through Tennessee’s Early Intervention System. It offers a home-based educational program for Knox County families with children age birth to their 3rd birthday who qualify as having a learning problem or delay in development under Department of Education criteria.

Supported Employment offers job placement in the community, job coaching and long-term follow-along to eligible referrals from Vocational Rehabilitation. This program provides opportunities for competitive employment while offering a level of support that meets the individual's needs.

The Leisure Services program is an innovative, community-based, therapeutic recreation program serving a wide variety of participants. A calendar of diverse and exciting activities is distributed on a monthly basis to persons served by the Arc Knox County as well as other citizens in the community who request it.

Beta Homes

 Beta Homes are residential programs serving adults with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness. There are two 10-person group homes with 24/7 staff supervision. Training by staff promotes personal growth and development for residents who require consistent structure and supervision.

Independent Living Program (ILP)

The Independent Living Program serves residents living in the community at different locations in the north Knoxville area. Some own their own homes; others live in an apartments.

The ILP provides support services to adults with intellectual disabilities who live in the community. It offers training in independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, and money management. Services are individualized to the needs of each person. This program is designed for individuals for whom shadow supervision is sufficient to live successfully on their own.

With an emphasis on community integration and competitive employment, the Sunshine Community Program provides activities for individuals interested in learning about the many options available to them, including job exploration, volunteering opportunities, and leisure activities during the week. Educational modules help individuals learn safety skills, resume building, and work expectations; interest inventories help them discover areas of work or play that they wish to pursue; and small group activities provide peer support as well as staff assistance as they explore some of these options. The goal is to expand their world, increase their confidence in navigating their community, and raise their awareness of the opportunities that are out there.

Sunshine Industries

Sunshine Industries provides short-term vocational training and long-term sheltered employment to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Work includes light industrial subcontract jobs for local businesses, as well as a metal shop where commodities are manufactured for the federal government.