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Sunshine Industries provides quality services at affordable prices. Our expertise is in packaging and assembly. During the past year we have worked for over 25 different businesses, including Aqua-Chem, Cintas, DeRoyal, Elavon and Nova TCB. Our current customer base ranges from large corporations to growing startups. Most of our customers are local, but we also work with companies located in Arizona, Florida, New Mexico and North Carolina. We are committed to finding solutions for our customers that save them time and money. We have a 26,000-square-foot warehouse and an experienced workforce of over 100 employees. We will also work at your facility to provide flexibility. Our dedicated management team has several decades of collective experience. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations, quality requirements, and deadlines.

We currently manufacture several different products for the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime and the General Services Administration. Our product line includes metal bookcases, office stands, fuel cradle holders, mast sections, jack handles, magnetic hangers and reeling machines. We also assemble a solar panel installation kit for the Coast Guard. The Director of Sunshine Industries has 15 years of experience working in the setup and implementation of assembly and packaging lines and another 12 years of experience in management. Our Metal Shop Production Manager is dedicated to providing excellent quality assurance, creating new development and improving processes and techniques. He also has extensive knowledge in commercial business practices. Our current staff has many years of experience working with the individuals we serve and is dedicated to the success of our agency.