Proudly serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1953

Our Mission

The Arc Knox County is a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing programs and services for people with intellectual disabilities in Knox County; safeguarding their rights and protecting their welfare; and helping each individual achieve the highest possible level of personal growth and independence.

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Because of you...

A child born with an unexpected disability receives services from a developmental specialist from The Arc Knox County. The specialist begins working with the child and family almost immediately to keep developmental milestones on track…

A young man with an intellectual disability and a mental illness moves into one of our group homes after his mother dies. There he has all of the support he needs to live a secure and productive life, and his housemates and staff become his family…
After graduating from high school with a Special Ed diploma, a young man with an intellectual disability and severe seizure disorder finds sheltered employment at Sunshine Industries, working at the pace he can and earning a paycheck for the work he does while having staff monitor his seizures…
Three individuals with a disability, along with a staff person, volunteer at different non-profits in the community, giving back to others while gaining experiences and skills they may later use at a competitive job…
Groups of friends and co-workers enjoy leisure activities, developing relationships, and forging friendships while enjoying their community…
These are all The Arc Knox County programs, serving individuals with intellectual disabilities in Knox County since 1953.

...we thrive.

Our Programs

Providing helpful information and aligning community resources

Community Program

Emphasizes community integration and competitive employment.

Early Invervention

Provides Developmental Therapy for infants and toddlers ages birth to three.

Leisure Services

Provides a comprehensive therapeutic recreation program.

Residential Services

Provides safe and affordable housing or assist individuals to live as successfully and independently as possible.

Sunshine Industries

Provides short-term vocational training and long-term sheltered employment.

Supported Employment

Provides opportunities for competitive employment while offering a level of support that meets the individual's needs.


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